In the apartment of a residential building in the German city of Solingen, the administrative district of Dusseldorf, police found the bodies of five children. On Thursday, September 3, writes the newspaper Rheinische Post.

The bodies of three girls and two boys aged between 18 months and eight years were found at the scene of the emergency. The cause of death of minors has not yet been disclosed. It is also alleged that the family has a sixth child — an 11-year-old boy who lives with relatives of his 27-year-old mother.

According to a neighbor, in the morning she heard loud music from this apartment. The woman knows little about the family, since she met them recently.

It is believed that the mother of the minors may have been involved in their murder and wanted to commit suicide at the main train station in Dusseldorf. She was hospitalized with multiple injuries.

The chief of district police Marcus Röhrl called the incident “absolutely frightening” incident. The mayor of Solingen, Tim Kurzbach, said that he was temporarily interrupting the election campaign in connection with these events.

In June, it was reported that residents of San Antonio, Texas, found the bodies of six people in a car, including four children aged 11 months to four years. There was a mass suicide. The chief of police noted that there was a note near the front door that read: “The bodies were inside the house, the animals were in the freezer.”