The head of the Pentagon, mark Esper, spoke about the struggle of the United States and its allies against “Soviet communism” during world war II. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

The defense Minister, in a speech to mark the 75th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in world war II, noted that the war claimed more than 70 million lives. “[The war] gave a new shape to the international order of like-minded countries with common goals and common values, which prepared them well for the struggle against Soviet communism that soon followed and lasted for decades, ” the head of the Department said.

On April 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on postponing the Day of the end of world war II from September 2 to September 3. The explanatory note notes that the Soviet Union’s victory over Japan in 1945 made a decisive contribution to the end of world war II.

September 2 was declared a memorial date — the Day of the end of world war II — in July 2010. On this day in 1945, the Act of surrender of Japan was signed. All over the world, September 2 is considered the day of the end of world war II. Meanwhile, in the Soviet Union, this day was considered September 3. Posters of that time with inscriptions have been preserved: “Victory day over Japan-September 3”.