Israel has launched an airstrike on strategic military targets in Syria for the second time in a row. This is reported by Al-Masdar News, citing a source in Damascus.

The attack targeted a T-4 air base in the South-West of HOMS province, near Palmyra. The air defense forces of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) came on alert and repelled Israeli missiles, but some of them still reached the target and hit objects at the air base.

It is noted that the air attack took place on September 2 in the evening, local time. The previous evening, the Israeli air force also struck in Syria. It hit southern Damascus, killing two and injuring eight government soldiers.

On August 4, the air defense system of Syria repelled an air attack by the Israeli army near Damascus. The Israeli military confirmed the attack. According to them, it was made in response to an attempt by unknown militants to plant explosives at the dividing fence on the border.

Before that, on August 3, the IDF prevented an explosion on the country’s border with Syria. Four people got close to the border, they allegedly tried to stage an attack.