American publicist Tom Rogan in his article for the Washington Examiner said that successful interceptions by Russian fighters of US military aircraft reveal a number of “unthinkable mistakes” of NATO.

In his article, Rogan analyzed two such incidents that occurred on August 28 over the Black and Baltic seas, when Russian su-27 fighters intercepted American B-52 bombers near the Russian border. The journalist harshly criticized the command of the NATO air force in Europe, saying that the” serious tactical miscalculation ” of the Alliance. He wonders why bombers fly unaccompanied by fighters, because, he believes, NATO should anticipate a “high risk” of interception.

So, the publicist refers to the NATO statement about the violation of Danish airspace by a Russian fighter, which the Russian defense Ministry denied. Rogan believes that neither Denmark nor Poland were ready to repel the “Russian invasion”, nor did the American command do anything for this, he noted.

According to the journalist, US defense Secretary mark Esper should understand the situation with Russia’s interceptions of NATO aircraft. If the Alliance command does not change tactics, it must be replaced, says Tom Rogan.

On August 20, Russia reported another interception of two NATO reconnaissance aircraft near its borders. In the Black sea, two reconnaissance aircraft of NATO countries-France and great Britain — were spotted, and they were intercepted by a su-30SM fighter.